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Unit germination Greenfeed Hydroponics

Unit germination Greenfeed Hydroponics
Unit germination Greenfeed Hydroponics
Unit germination Greenfeed Hydroponics
Unit germination Greenfeed Hydroponics
Unit germination Greenfeed Hydroponics
Unit germination Greenfeed Hydroponics
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Meknès, Khenifra, Algeria

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BIG AGRI ATLAS Make your room barley breeding project.

Is your budget burdened Tkalesf feed exorbitant ???
Are you looking for a natural feed does not contain any materials chemicals ??????
Do you want to increase the productivity rates of dairy and meat animals to your farm ???
Are you looking for reliable sources which feed your animals to immunize against viruses and infectious diseases and epidemics and serious ????

Now we have the solution ......

Green barley breeding rooms you can now produce the quantity that you need a day of green fodder Tarj and 100% natural without any chemicals and almost no cost up to half the cost of other feed BIG AGRI ATLAS company provides all the needs of its customers and sophisticated high Petknlogia units and special breeding encourage green feed grain types. The culture medium sized units of 200 to 500 kg / day And large-scale breeding units of 1 ton / day to the desired size It is also committed to partner BIG AGRI ATLAS guidance and Tqdbm the best solutions and the best the necessary furnishings of the company while ensuring and after-sales service. Special product the company BIG AGRI ATLAS If you have a rabbit farm - Poultry - horses - sheep - cattle - Apple - the beauty of all kinds of animals can be fed on barley cultivar now you can control in the volatile feed costs. Protein ratio ranging from 18 to 24% and some of the goals of this project set up breeding barley room The aim of setting up a breeding barley;

1. green fodder insurance throughout the year.
2. reduction of labor and convert them to work more important and higher financial returns
3. reduce the acreage of forage consumption of materials and turn them into productive land for human food
4. reduce the large waste water to irrigate large areas for the production of small amounts of green fodder
5. reduce the waste of fertilizer added to land to improve their performance and these quantities are increasing with the passage of time
6. reduce the use of agricultural pesticides that date back big pollution of the environment and groundwater reduce the import of fertilizers and pesticides
7. raise the production of jams to the upper limit of Least Effort
8. reduce the costs of production of meat and milk to reduce feed costs
9. provide an opportunity for educators to dispense with running the rest of the family members, particularly children and direct them towards educational attainment. Features barley cultivar

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