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Role of Cooler for Work of Saw Dust Pellet Machine

Role of Cooler for Work of Saw Dust Pellet Machine
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There are many specifications of cooler. No matter for what kind of coolers, their working principles are basically similar with each other. Cool air, released from the cooler, can bring away water content in biomass pellets and lower their temperature. It is necessary to equip the cooler with one airlock on the top. Airlock can make biomass pellets be fully cooled without air leakage.

Coolers that are often used are in counter-flow type. Wind enters into the cooler from the bottom. Hot pellets in cooler can fully contact with the cool air. To ensure the pellets be fully cooled, you has to make the hot pellets stay in cooler for about 15 minutes to 25 minutes.

Cooling pipe is the channel of wind. During the cooling period, discharging mouth of saw dust pellet machine should close to the cooler as near as possible. To prevent pellets from being stored in pipes, you should shorten the horizontal length of wind pipe as much as possible.

The allocation of draught fun is the key factor for cooling work. Wind volume of draught fun is dependent on the output of sawdust pellet mill and properties of biomass pellets. Known as the NO.1 brand of saw dust pellet machine, FTM China Machinery never stops its way to offering the best products and services for customers.

Supported by the world-level production lines, first-class modern testing base and several state-level machinery research institutions, FTM always holds the service spirit that customer as God and quality as life. Click website to get the price!

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Hello Janifer, I am sorry about my ignorance but is this really a cooler? Looks to me like a flat die pellet mill. Please help me to understand the parts and components of the cooler in the picture.
Giuseppe Bigliani
no, it is not cooler, but we have the cooler for you. do you need ?
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