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Remarkable Advantages of Wood Pellet Mill

Remarkable Advantages of Wood Pellet Mill
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The wood pellet mill is of significant importance to improve the rural images. With agricultural materials like straw, branches and leaves as raw materials, wood pellet machine is very useful to reducing the waste of resources and realizing the recycling use of wastes. In the past, the common way to deal the agricultural wastes is to burn. The combustion of agricultural wastes not only seriously pollutes the air environment, but also harms the environmental economy. By using the wood pellet making machine, the environmental pollution can be well alleviated.

Since the compressing ratio is uniquely designed, the quality of ring die wood pellet mill is very good. The service life of ring die is much longer. The production cost is reduced to the ultimate degree. Gear blanks on the transmission gear is tempered by the normalizing treatment, so the hardness of tooth surface is improved a lot. In order to improve the wear-resistant ability of tooth surface and prolong the service life of auto parts, FTM China Machinery treats the tooth surface with carburization.

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