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How to Get Discounts of FTM Wood Pellet Machine?

How to Get Discounts of FTM Wood Pellet Machine?
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Size of raw materials is an important factor for the pelletizing work of wood pellet mill. Size of raw materials should not be larger than the rated value. If you want to produce biomass particles with diameter about 6mm, diameter of raw materials should be smaller than 5mm. In general, materials with smaller diameter are much easier to be pelletized by wood pellet machine.

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Interested in the price of wood pellet mill? Leave messages on website to get the discounts that FTM China Machinery has prepared for you! Under the similar situations, materials with smaller size are much higher in the percentage of elongation. Smaller the size of raw materials, greater the chance to be pelletized.

Size of raw materials can also influence the working efficiency of wood granulation machine and quality of biomass particles. If size of raw materials is larger, wood pellet machine will work ineffectively with low output and high energy consumption. As a professional supplier of wood pellet machine, FTM China Machinery has the systemic one-stop service.

Before sale, we will provide you the purchase plans and process flow design. Then, we will begin to manufacture equipment according to your special demands. Amid sale, we will send technicians to the working site for guiding installation and adjustment. Besides, we will help you to train operators and finish the check and accept. After sale, we will regularly pay return visits for you.

If size of raw materials is not uneven, biomass particles will have cracks on surface and be poor in density and strength. Enjoy the discounts on website!

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