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Bottlenecks for the Promotion of Wood Pellet Mill

Bottlenecks for the Promotion of Wood Pellet Mill
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The development of biomass pellets in China is featured in the active participation of enterprises and gradual strength of national guide. While, since some enterprises have the problems of small production plan and blind production, the annual output of biomass pellets is still less than satisfactory.

The reasons are that most enterprises are know less about the characteristics of agricultural materials, look down the industrial difficulty of biomass pellets and neglect several key problems in applying the wood pellet machine. Bottlenecks to influence the application of pressing technology are difficult collection and storage of agricultural straws, rapid wear of key devices and serious corrosion of furnace.

As to the four bottlenecks, foreign countries have early done the researches for about 20 years. At present, the collecting problem is well solved along with the high-speed application of agricultural machinery. As to the rapid wear of key parts, it is still the bottleneck to popularize the wood pellet mill. Developed countries like German use the way of bulk change.

Even though this way can alleviate the shape situation, users of wood pellet mill still have to pay for the maintenance cost. For the problem of serious corrosion, it lies in the discussing period. Except for the mechanical treatment, there is no other useful ways. In China, nearly every province has several suppliers of wood pellet mill. More and more plants with biomass pellets as major power resource have set up and run successfully. Of course, governmental departments also give the financial and political support.

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