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water curtain system_shandong tobetter fine processing

water curtain system_shandong tobetter fine processing
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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The water curtain system is an important means for the poultry house , it can provide a suitable living environment for the poultry house , to ensure the healthy growth of poultry , shandong tobetter introduce cooling principle related to the water curtain system.
In nature,water evaporation will reduce the temperature,so is the poultry cooling pad.Corrugated pad cooling has a thin layer of water film,when the hot and dry outdoor air is sucked through the pad cooling by ventilation fan,the water will evaporate into steam and absorbs air heat then processed cool air enter into the room, The cooling principle is the use of an effective combination of fan and pad cooling to achieve cooling purposes.
The features:
1.Using the new material and the space crossing linkong technology,high absorbability,high water-resistant,antimildew and long service life.
2.Large evaporative area,cooling efficiency as high as 80%.
3.Our pad cooling involve surface active agent,absorb water naturally,rapid penetration,lasting effectiveness.A drop of water can diffuse in 4-5 secongs.Height of absorb water:60-70mm/5 minutes,200mm/1.5 hours,with international standard.
4.The products don't contain phenol which easy to skin allergy and other chenical substances,when installed nontoxic harmless to human body, safety,energy saving,environment protection and economic applicable.
5.Variety color:Brown,Green,Green/Brown color,Black coated-single side(washable),Blue coated-single side(washable),Yellow coated-single side(washable).
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