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ventilation in poultry houses_shandong tobetter high-quality

ventilation in poultry houses_shandong tobetter high-quality
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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ventilation in poultry houses to provide the poultry necessary to sustain life in the fresh air . It also helps reduce the extremes of temperature , humidity and air pollution to limit chickens can endure .Improved ventilation system also makes it possible to raise high density , thereby reducing the unit cost of construction sheds . Because of the ventilation system not only reduces the cost of production and reducing labor costs , and therefore has an important significance in the economy.shandong tobetter to introduce our company ventilation in poultry houses equipment:
The air cooler feature:
1.Adopt three-phase single-speed motors,high level of protection and insulation,heat resistance,waterproof.
2.Vibration,the top,below and side of the wind,the three installation can be adopted to meetthe various requirements of different places
3.Using the three-button controller,simple operation,easy maintenance.
4.The assemble machine uses galvanized plate,surface dealed with spray,anti-corrosion,anti-deformation.
5.Double suction forward centrifugal fan.high efficiency,low noise,air distance,flat performance curve,efficient wide area.
6.Unique water distributor,water smooth uniformly,easy to plug
7.Steam distribution networks area,high evaporation efficiency,cooling effect
8.Compared with traditional air conditioning,electricity saving more than 80%
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