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valco poultry equipment_shandong tobetter unique features

valco poultry equipment_shandong tobetter unique features
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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valco poultry equipment used in breeding greatly improved the production in the process of breeding, and ensure the safety problems in the feeding process.In poultry breeding aspect, for example, cages to the touch of excellent barrier between chicken and shit, is helpful to control the onset of coccidiosis and intestinal disease, and chicken manure in the doberman pinscher, leakage can timely arrange, decline in inner, the concentration of harmful gas fan ventilation at the same time, cut the disease onset timing.
Shandong tobetter valco poultry equipment is through many years practice, to fully meet the requirements of the company in line with the national standardization farming designed battery equipment modernization, has the following advantages:
1.cage net modular, hot dip galvanizing production, support for the production of roll forming galvanized pipes, feeding trough for white plastic material, including adjusting plate, connector, plastic mat aperture Q15mm net.
2.cage wire surface smooth, no laceration and scratches and other harmful defects, coop mesh after forming, which can effectively prevent the chicken foot injury, prevent make chicken feet with steel wire laceration caused by infection of staphylococcus aureus.
3, easy to assemble, easy to feed, easy management, save space, effectively prevent infectious diseases, improve the survival rate of chicken.
4, to reduce the human cost, realize feeding, feeding, automatic control, drinking water, nightsoil, environment greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, save the manual fee.
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