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push-pull fan_shandong tobetter sleek

push-pull fan_shandong tobetter sleek
USD 105 00
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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Now poultry farming, the farmers have to give the poultry house to create a good living environment, will pass cooling, ventilation measures to deal with, most of the poultry houses are equipped with push-pull fan, farmers who gave the following brief our company's push-pull fan performance characteristics:
Frame,frame are made of galvanized sheet,thickness 1.0mm,galvanizing layer 275g/sqm.
Blade,6 pieces of blades and all the blades are made by Shanghai Krupp 430BA stainless steel,mirror face.
Pulley,casting aluminum alloy pulley.light weight and high corrosion resistence.
Bearing, adopt Shanghai C&U brand.permanently sealed bearing.
Wind concentrator, galvanized sheet, thickness 1.0mm.
Inlet wind protecting net,spraying paint steel wire,thickness 2.8mm.
Electrical motor,national-grade aluminum alloy frame motor,380V,1.1KW,50Hz,3-phase,4-pole speed,1400r/m,IP55,class F,efficiency 90%,top/foot mounted,certification,CCC.
Shutters,galvanized sheet,0.8 mm thickness while the middle piece thickness 1.0mm.Galvanizing layer
Opening system,push-pull centrifugal opening system.
If you need push-pull fan please call shandong tobetter

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