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poultry house designs_ shandong tobetter very hot

poultry house designs_ shandong tobetter very hot
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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Increasingly rapid development of modern agriculture , poultry house has become a common project. poultry house design is especially important in poultry house , shandong tobetter has several years of experience as a professional manufacturer for the farmers to introduce our company poultry house designs:
Broiler house the main advantage of:
1. Compared with traditional flat to raise, the unit can be increased by 50% - 100% of the number of chickens.
2. Automatic water supply system can guarantee the uniformity of poultry drinking water and adequacy, guarantee the chicken is good and healthy growth state.
3. The configurable specialized indoor cooling system, which can effectively reduce indoor temperature, reduce caused by high temperature oxygen suffocation death.
4. The equipment is easy to operate, and can better save Labour.
5. Automatic nightsoil system using can effectively reduce the chicken of disease and mortality.
6. Chicken cage management can make the exercise less, accelerate growth, saving of feed conversion rate.
7. Chicken cage management to facilitate the observation, grouping and tao, convenient management.
8. Steamed hot galvanizing technology on web and cage shelf can better the service life of equipment.
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