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poultry equipment supplies_shandong tobetter reputation

poultry equipment supplies_shandong tobetter reputation
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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In today's farming , poultry equipment supplies automation has embarked on the road , produced a lot of automation equipment , greatly enhance the economic benefits , reduce manpower , shandong tobetter production of poultry equipment supplies including: brooding cages , broiler cage, feeding machine and other full set of modern equipment , the following Dajia a brief introduction of these devices .
Broiler cage : specifically for the production of broiler breeding cages child , in order to overcome the hard bottom of the cage and chest inflammation caused broilers , large good quality steel material made ??of broiler cage group , into the cage until the chicks from feeding slaughterhouse , no sub cage provincial catch chickens trouble, but also to avoid possible adverse reactions chicken .
Brooding cage : cage brood rearing chicks and is specifically designed to make cages , cage farming avoids the use of brooding chicks contact with feces , can effectively prevent the occurrence of disease , and small footprint , it can reduce the human and material resources .
Feeder : feeder on the usefulness , of course, is to give the birds feeding , feeding machine specifically for the type of device on the cage material can be fed three to five layers of cages , feeding machine has a unique structure, novel practical , time-saving, uniform feeding , less wear and tear , the use of battery-powered , motor driven , low noise, easy to operate, flexible steering , turn around small space , easy maintenance, etc. , so popular with farmers alike.
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