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MAGICOH pellet binder

MAGICOH pellet binder
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Product location

Hangzhou, Zhejiang [Chekiang] , China

Product Description

MAGICOH is a PMC based binding agent developed specifically for use in fish and shrimp feeds. MAGICOH liquefies in the pelleting or extrusion process and upon cooling produces a hard water-resistant feed.

Appearance White free flowing powder
Bulk density 0.50 - 0.46
Fineness 95% passed 80 mesh
Ingredients: Urea-formaldehyde resin (Polymethylolcarbamide)
Guaranteed analysis:
Nitrogen 27.0% (MIN)
Moisture 5.0% (MAX)

1. Used as a binding aid for improving water durability of aquatic pellet feed.
2. Used as a binding aid for reducing dust and improving hardness of poultry and cattle feed
3. Used as a binding aid for reducing dust and improving water resistance of granule fertilizer, insecticides and molluscticides.

Fish Feed ----------- 2 to 5 kgs./ton.
Shrimp feed ----------- 4 to 6 kgs./ton.
Animal feed ---------- 1 to 2 kgs./ton.

For the manufacture of shrimp feed, add MAGICOH at the rate of 3 to 6 Kilograms per metric ton of feed.

PACKING: 2kgs or 5 kgs in poly-sacket,then 20kg net packed in a PP-kraft bag.
STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place. Excessive heat and moisture can cause caking.

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3.- L Ascorbic Acid
4.- Marigold Pigment
Tell me if you produce and can supply me.
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