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how to use cooling pad_shandong tobetter easy to use

how to use cooling pad_shandong tobetter easy to use
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Fremont, Shandong [Shantung] , United States

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Now the poultry farmers who often choose to use wet curtain to cool the poultry house , but how to use cooling pad becomes a problem farmers are facing today shandong tobetter on how to use cooling pad this issue to farmers who explain what about the problem of cooling pad.
cooling pad routine maintenance:
1. The pump is stopped after 30 minutes to shut down the fan , ensure dry thoroughly wet curtain .
After the system stops functioning , check whether the water tank emptied to avoid the bottom of the wet curtain of long-term immersion in water.
2. cooling pad cleanup
Scale and algae was wet curtain surface removal. In wet Lianhou completely dry with a soft brush , brush lightly up and down , avoid horizontal brush . ( Can first brush part , test it in the wet curtain to withstand the brush . ) And then just start the water supply system , flushing scale and algae was wet curtain surface. ( Wet curtain avoid flushing with steam or high pressure water ) .
Rodent control
Without the use of wet curtain of the season, can be sprayed rat poison in a lower wet curtain or network through the installation of anti-rat.
3. The water pipe cleanup
Open the drain plug at both ends , with an outer diameter of about 25 to insert a rubber hose , the other end of the water , rinse.
4. If the period of time without water pump should be on the water , electricity run for 5 minutes , washing mud pump inside and outside , in addition to anti-rust oil and dry place dry air .
The above is about how to use cooling pad to explain the problem if you want to know more , please contact us

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