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Factors for High Output of FTM Wood Pellet Mill

Factors for High Output of FTM Wood Pellet Mill
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Featured in the high working efficiency, strong working capacity, convenient operation and long service life, wood pellet mill is more and more popular among customers at home and abroad. For users of wood pellet machine, they are more concerned about the output. Practically, there are many factors that can influence the output of wood pellet mill. The following content will discuss about them one by one.

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Mould is the heart of wood pellet mill. Quality of mould has great relationship with the output of wood pellet machine. Therefore, it is a must to use the mould featured in the excellent texture, great hardness and high compressing ratio. Before using the mould, you should use the mix of bran, fine sand and engine oil to grind it reasonably, carefully and patiently. Feeding process can not begin until the newly-purchased mould is ground for about thirty minutes or one hour.

Except for the above factors, poor output of wood pellet press is also related with the low voltage, narrow site, insufficient pressure of steam, frequent changes of raw materials and additives, serious remain of raw materials, imbalance of water ratio and poor lubrication of transmission parts. During the working process, you should often notice the working condition of mould. If mould is seriously damaged, you should contact with suppliers of wood pellet machine for a timely change.

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