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Extruder E-250-60

Extruder E-250-60
Product location

Cherkassy, Cherkas´ka Oblast´, Ukraine

Product Description

The extruder with preconditioner is designed for production of:
• mixed sub humid feed in pellet form for livestock, domestic animals, pets, predators, poultry and fish, shrimps and crustaceans

dry steaming of raw material:
• increases the capacity
• improves the form and quality of granular products
• reduces the wear of working parts of extruder

meat and bone meal, blood meal, fish or shrimp meal, feed yeast, sunflower, flax seed, peanut, pea, corn, wheat, rice flour and grape husks

Capacity, kg/hour: up to 200
Steam consumption, kg/hour: up to 15
Length, mm: 3234
Width, mm: 1960
Height, mm: 3029
Weight, kg: max 1800

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