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Automatic Bean Sprouting Machine

Automatic Bean Sprouting Machine
Automatic Bean Sprouting Machine
Automatic Bean Sprouting Machine
Automatic Bean Sprouting Machine
Product location

Elk Grove Village, Henan [Honan] , China

Product Description

automatic bean sprout machine/bean sprouter machine Introduction:
1>This bean sprouts machine has computer controlled analog-to-digital display of temperature and spraying time, fully automatic temperature control, automatic control of spraying time.
Default parameters of power and memory function, automatic protection of bean sprouts.
2>Drawer-type sprouting boxes and it design reasonable, convenient and practical. you can add beans for batch cycle,
non-interfering, easy to disinfect and cleaning
3>Machine sprouting box laminated insulation which has water tanks so it can water saving and energy saving about 60%.
4>Machine material with steel structure and the tantalum aluminum plate, stainless steel frame, durable machines,
transportation convenience. Bean sprouts grow fast, uniform and full, without special care, production and high efficiency

Working principle:
1. Steel structure, panels with insulation, water 8 cm thick composite plates, stainless steel carts inside and never rust.
Independent electric drive can achieve: water power, regular.
2. spraying, watering timely, automatic water supply, water temperature automatic heating temperature, water alarm, high
temperature alarms, and mandatory watering, water moving.
3. watering, water temperature up and down evenly, cabinet air circulation, automatic heating thermostat box, water tank
4. Temperature display cabinets, watering time display, watering time display. Box with pull type bean production, design
reasonable, convenient and practical. No special person to care.

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