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Article published the October 10, 2018:

Effect of Combination of Dietary Alpha-Tocopherol and Ascorbic Acid on the Reproductive Performance of Gilts

Introduction Site-specific information on the exact levels of vitamin E supplementation to gilts to optimize their reproductive ability and subsequently the body development of the piglets are lacking in most ...
Author/s :
Austine NwangwuMachebe Ndubuisi (Ph.D)
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Article published the July 17, 2018:

All together to support swine production: What solutions are available to substitute zinc oxide?

Modern swine production allowed to increase the productivity at farm level. Due to higher prolificacy, farmers are managing bigger litters with lower individual weight at weaning. Hence, piglets are con...
Author/s :
KUHN Geraldine
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Article published the June 13, 2018:

Effects of Copper Sources and Levels on Nursery Pig Growth Performance

Introduction Research has shown that adding high levels of copper (primarily from CuSO4 ) to diets fed to nursery pigs will result in improved growth performance. It is thought that copper acts as an antimicro...
Author/s :
Bob GoodbandDr. Joel DeRoucheyJon De JongMike Tokach Steve Dritz
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Article published the May 14, 2018:

Improving production by optimizing reproduction: herbal approach

During the past 20 years, there have been significant improvements in animal nutrition, housing, waste management, and mechanization, but little progress has been made in increasing reproduction. Unfortunately,...
Author/s :
Dr. Amit Kumar PandeyPraful Kumar
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Article published the January 24, 2018:

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) and the Glutathione Peroxidase System; a Link between One-Carbon Metabolism and Antioxidation

  1. Introduction Among various metabolic pathways present in the organism, the metabolism of sulfur- (S) methionine and its seleno- (Se) analogous (Se-methionine) are particularly important because they...
Author/s :
Danyel Bueno Dalto
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Article published the November 9, 2017:

Acetylsalicylic acid supplementation improves protein utilization efficiency while vitamin E supplementation reduces markers of the inflammatory response in weaned pigs challenged with enterotoxigenic E. coli

Background Immune system activation alters nutrient partitioning from deposition of body protein to production of immune molecules [1] and provokes inflammatory responses such as fever, inhibition of appetite ...
Author/s :
Black, J.L.Bruce P. MullanDr Robert van BarneveldJae Cheol KimJohn Pluske
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Article published the September 8, 2017:

Metabolomics revealed diurnal heat stress and zinc supplementation-induced changes in amino acid, lipid, and microbial metabolism

Introduction High ambient temperature-elicited heat stress (HS) is a detrimental pathophysiological event. Besides its threat to human health (Changnon et al. 1996; Leon and Helwig 2010), HS also negatively af...
Author/s :
Jerry ShursonJerry TorrisonMark E. WilsonPedro Urriola
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Article published the July 7, 2017:

Dietary selenized yeast increases the selenium content whereas organic iron (sqm) has no effect on the iron content of pork

The human health benefits of dietary selenium (Se) and iron (Fe) are well established (Rayman, 1997; Kristensen et al., 2005).  Meat and meat products are primary sources of dietary Se and iron for humans....
Author/s :
Cadogan, D.JF.R. DunsheaJohn Pluske
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Article published the May 29, 2017:

SEGES trial: SeoFoss performs well once more

A new trial from SEGES has shown that SeoFoss performs well compared to other slurry handling products on the market. SeoFoss shows impressive results in both homogeneity, smell and ammonia binding. SeoFoss ...
Author/s :
Anders S. Nielsen
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Article published the May 11, 2017:

Selenium in Pig Nutrition and Reproduction: Boars and Semen Quality — A Review

INTRODUCTION Boar spermatozoa are characterized by high susceptibility to lipid peroxidation (Cerolini et al., 2000). Indeed, mammalian spermatozoa are unique in structure and chemical composition and contain ...
Author/s :
Peter Surai
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