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da g Thanks for that comment! You are right - but in the table the data has been reversed, sorry for that. I will check if they can publish a corrected Version of the article. Regards
Article published the January 18, 2018
In performance-oriented pig feeding, nutrient-rich and highly digestible diets are standard. In this context, the topic of "fibre" in pigs has long been associated with dilution of energy, reducing digestibility, feed conversion and performance. Currently, however, the perspective has changed and the importance of fibre for digestion, health and animal welfare is increasingly in focus.This view ha ...
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Article published the July 7, 2017
IntroductionPressed sugar beet pulp (PSBP) is frequently ensiled in plastic bags and represent a valuable feed component of feed rations for ruminants. However, its high susceptibility to fungal infestation during feed-out, especially in summer, often results in low stability and poor hygienic quality (Kalzendorf, 2007). Therefore, especially the use of chemical additives containing salts of sorbi ...
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Article published the December 4, 2014
1. INTRODUCTIONPressed sugar beet pulp (PBP) silage represents a highly nutritive component for dairy cow rations in many European countries, but the hygienic quality often renders the silages produced from it unfit for feeding due to fungal spoilage. For this reason, farmers are hesitant to use this valuable dietary component in summer periods when the susceptibility to aerobic deterioration is m ...
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