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Article published the October 5, 2022:

Effect of Moisture, Particle Size and Thermal Processing of Feeds on Broiler Production

INTRODUCTIONPhysical treatments, such as expansion and pelleting, are used in the processing of diets with the aim of enhancing feed efficiency. This occurs because during these processes, in addition to starch...
Author/s :
Cibele Silva MinafraFabiana Ramos Dos Santos
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Article published the September 5, 2022:

Heat damage, Maillard reactions, and measurement of reactive lysine in feed ingredients and diets

IntroductionFeed cost represents 70% of the total cost of poultry and pork production (Patience et al., 2015); therefore, a number of processing techniques have been developed to maximize utilization of nutrien...
Author/s :
Hans H. SteinMaryane Sespere Faria De Oliveira
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Article published the August 12, 2022:

Effect of Processing Technique on the Non-Starch Polysaccharide Content of Canola Meal

Non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) have a considerable impact on digestibility in broilers, dictating nutrient availability and energy utilization. The high NSP content of the hulls in canola meal are one factor ...
Author/s :
Mehdi ToghyaniNatalie MorganRobert Swick
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Article published the August 3, 2022:

Understanding Corn Variability

OverviewCorn is the most common feed ingredient used in poultry nutrition. Maize contributes with up to 65% of the metabolizable energy and 20% of crude protein in poultry diets (Gehring et al., 2013; Dei, 2017...
Author/s :
Edgar O. Oviedo-Rondón
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Article published the July 14, 2022:

Volatility: challenges in animal feeding

We are presently going through a challenging period of high prices of raw materials and a limited availability of some of these materials. The use of less common raw materials that are readily available, and po...
Author/s :
Elmehdi ElouahliJohn DunnePierre André Geraert
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Article published the July 1, 2022:

Corn drying temperature, particle size, and amylase supplementation influence growth performance, digestive tract development, and nutrient utilization of broilers

INTRODUCTIONIn the United States and most parts the world, the biggest portion of poultry diets is comprised of carbohydrates, with corn being the main cereal grain used in the feed industry (Moran, 1982; Ai an...
Author/s :
Aaron CowiesonEdgar O. Oviedo-RondónHernan Alejandro CórdovaJose otavio SorbaraLina María Peñuela SierraYilmar Andres Matta
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Article published the March 22, 2022:

Over-Processed Meat and Bone Meal Decreased Performance in Broilers Challenged with Subclinical Necrotic Enteritis

A study was conducted to investigate the hypothesis that over-processing (OP) of meat and bone meal (MBM) exacerbates infection with necrotic enteritis in normal and high phytase diets. A total of 768 Ross 308 ...
Author/s :
Holy ZanuMike BedfordNatalie MorganRobert SwickSarbast KheraviiShubiao Wu
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Article published the November 17, 2021:

Feed Form Affects The Apparent Metabolisable Energy of Individual Ingredients to Different Extents in Broiler Chickens

I. INTRODUCTIONEstimating the available energy of feed ingredients is fundamental to formulating a well-balanced diet and lower the production cost. Measurement of apparent metabolisable energy (AME) is the acc...
Author/s :
Fifi ZaefarianMahmoud KhalilReza AbdollahiVelmurugu Ravindran
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Article published the November 3, 2021:

Conditioning time and sodium bentonite affect pellet quality, growth performance, nutrient retention and intestinal morphology of growing broiler chickens

Author/s :
Abolghasem GolianAli DaneshmandAlireza Abbasipour Amir AttarHassan Kermanshahi
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Article published the October 20, 2021:

Principles and Practical Feeding of The Modern Laying Hen Under Alternative Productions Systems: Effects on Bird Welfare and Production

1. INTRODUCTION Consumer demands and the pressure of supermarket chains are changing rapidly the way eggs are produced. Enriched cages are not considered a sound alternative to improve animal welfare stand...
Author/s :
Gonzalo Gonzalez MateosGuillermo FondevilaLourdes Cámara
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