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Soy Protein Concentrate

Soy Protein Concentrate
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Hangzhou, Zhejiang [Chekiang] , China

Product Description

Prosoy 65 is a high quality soy protein concentrate specially designed for the animal feed industry. The unique Prosoy 65 production process makes the soy protein highly digestible by inactivating the anti-nutritional factors and removing the soluble carbohydrates. These properties combined with exceptional palatability make Prosoy 65 has no addition limitations.

Prosoy 65 is produced from white flakes which are obtained by removing the hexane with low heat vacuum drying during oil extraction process. The heat treatment occurs after the removal of soluble carbohydrates by ethanol-water extraction. This processing method has the advantage of reducing Maillard reaction during the heat treatment and improves the availability of amino acids. The production process of Prosoy 65 allows elimination of both heat sensitive and heat stable anti-nutritional factors, improves amino acids digestibility and reduces the content of indigestible soy carbohydrates, makes it an excellent alternative protein source to fish meal.

Extremely low anti-nutritional factors
Superior Amino Acids balance and digestibility
Low indigestible carbohydrates
Good stability and long shelf life


1. Piglets: Weaning pigs switch to diets is a very important process, usually need to be fed with palatable, high digestible and quality consist protein ingredients since they are easily stressed during weaning period due to their digestive system not well developed. Prosoy 65 is a perfect choice due to its features as well as negative salmonella.

2. Pets: Prosoy 65 can ensure pet feed with good synthesizing properties and complete nutritional value, but at the same time to be economical and make it with stabilize good quality.

3. Calves: Milk proteins are very expensive in the feed application for calves, so people are always looking for high quality milk substitutes. Prosoy 65 is a perfect option because of its digestibility, low metal content and low anti-nutritional factors.

4. Aquaculture: Superior Amino Acids balance and good digestibility features make Prosoy 65 suitable to replace fishmeal in aqua feed formula, compare with animal source protein like plasma powder, it can ensure biosecurity.

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