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EVONIK ANIMAL NUTRITION AT A GLANCE Evonik is one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies. The central elements of our strategy for sustained value creation are profitable growth, efficiency and values. In 2017 Evonik’s more than 36,000 employees generated sales of &euro...
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Vargas Alejandro Thank you for the good comment. Composting of manure (necromass) as biosolids to produce an organic fertilizer (or for producing biogas) a sustainable way to minimize the N excretion to the environment. As you mentioned, lowering CP level in weaned pigs diets in combination with gut health promoting additives is a strategy to improve gut barrier function and control post-weaning d ...
Article published the November 14, 2019
Conclusions Supplementation of two graded levels of DL-Met or liquid MHA-FA to a Met-deficient diet significantly improved pig performance during phase 1 and 2 of the study. Compared with MHA-FA, the inclusions of DL-Met seemed to produce a more homogeneous weight gain. The overall growth performance during the 37-day study was not different among the two corresponding Met-supplemented gro ...
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Article published the November 6, 2019
Conclusions The results of this study support the hypothesis that intestinal microbiota compete with the host for metabolism of readily available nutrients such as supplemented amino acids. Apparent residual (unabsorbed) MHA-FA in the small intestine was significantly greater than that of DL-Met in conventional pigs. Furthermore, a higher radioactivity of methionine in the upper small intestin ...
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Article published the May 24, 2019
Key information Amino acids are involved in various important metabolic pathways beyond growth, including modulating the functioning of the body’s immune system. During a condition of sub-clinical disease, increased dietary supply of functional amino acids (i.e. methionine, tryptophan, threonine, arginine, glutamine, and glycine) ameliorates the negative effect of growth reduction associ ...
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Article published the March 20, 2019
This study was conducted to determine the standardized ileal digestibility (SID) of amino acids (AA) in hydrolyzed feather meal (HFM), flash dried poultry protein (FDPP), poultry meal (PM), and meat and bone meal (MBM) fed to broiler chickens and pigs. Four semi-purified diets and a nitrogen-free diet were prepared. Experiment 1 was conducted with 416 male broiler chickens [initial body weight (BW ...
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Article published the March 20, 2019
Keywords: bioavailability, valine, performance. An experiment was conducted to test the hypothesis that Val from a Val-containing fermentation biomass product (Val-FB; 64.4% L-Val) has a bioavailability of 100% relative to L-Val (98% Val) when fed to weanling pigs. A Val-deficient basal diet containing 0.63% standardized ileal digestible (SID) Val was formulated. Six additional diets were prepare ...
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Article published the March 20, 2019
The objectives were to determine the apparent ileal digestibility and standardized ileal digestibility (SID) of CP and AA in feed ingredients and to develop prediction equations for estimating SID of feed ingredient for commercial pigs using data from mini pigs. Six 11-week old crossbred commercial pigs (31.5 ± 1.6 kg of BW; Landrace × Yorkshire) and six 20-week old min ...
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