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Structural Features of FTM Wood Pellet Mill

Structural Features of FTM Wood Pellet Mill
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Los Angeles, California, United States

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Wood pellet mill is made of devices like feeding conveyor, compressor and discharger, etc. As to the compressor, it is made of devices like rack, dynamo, feeding mouth, transmission system, press roller, ring die, heating ring and discharging mouth, etc. As to the working principle of wood granulation machine, it is written as followings.

For agricultural and forestry straws or grasses, they are cut into products with length smaller than 50mm and water content less than 25%. Raw materials are delivered to the feeding mouth through the feeding conveyor. Driven by the principal axis, press rollers revolve on its axis. Raw materials are impulsively extruded out through the die holes and fallen off through the discharging mouth.

After being cooled, finished products with water content less than 14% should be packaged in bags. As a professional supplier of wood pellet mill, FTM China Machinery has been awarded the “Chinese Famous Brand”. With products being exported to countries like India, Pakistan, Japan, Australia, Fote as the NO.1 brand of China mining machinery is well-received around the world markets.

Wood pellet mill is often equipped with flat dies. With remarkable features of simple structure and convenient maintenance, wood pellet machine is becoming more and more popular in these years. To ensure the distance between press rollers and moulds, you should freely adjust the radial clearance. Heating rings, being installed in wood granulation machine, can heat the ring dies and improve the working efficiency.

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