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Role of Tempering Work for Wood Pellet Mill

Role of Tempering Work for Wood Pellet Mill
Role of Tempering Work for Wood Pellet Mill
Role of Tempering Work for Wood Pellet Mill
Role of Tempering Work for Wood Pellet Mill
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Generally, raw materials need to be tempered before being fed into wood pellet mill. What’s the tempering work? Under the common roles of heat energy and water content, powdered materials begin to absorb water and inflate. Cereal starch begins to absorb water at 50-60? and bean starch absorbs water at 55-75?.

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The starch can make pellets closely bond together. After being modified, starch molecule in raw materials is in fiber shape and peptide linkage extends. On the increasing surface, molecules are difficult to move. Therefore, raw materials are more and more viscous and easy to be molded.

If starch gelatinization degree is higher than 25%, density, strength and water stability of pellets will be improved and they will be easy to digest. The second purpose of modulating work is to improve the pelletizing efficiency. If being added with steam, raw materials are softened and easy to be molded.

Meanwhile, wearing rate of working parts like ring die and press roller can decrease and output can increase. Under the proper modulating conditions, output of wood pellet mill with steam inside is almost one time of that without steam inside. Meanwhile, proper tempering can improve the density of biomass pellets, reduce the powdered rate and improve the pellet quality.

Thirdly, the modulating work can kill the salmonella in pellets. High temperature during tempering process, frictional heat and pressure during granulating process can kill the salmonella in raw materials, make the livestock more and more healthy. Price list for you to download!

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