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Good Quality Peanut Oil Refining Machine

Good Quality Peanut Oil Refining Machine
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Sacramento, Henan [Honan] , China

Product Description

Peanut oil refinery workshop applies to peanut oil refinery.Peanut oil refining equipment/machine Main equipments:
1.Neutralizing pot: for acid refining, alkali refining and washing;
2.Decolouring pot: for bleaching the oil and removing the pigment;
3.Deodorization pot: for remove the odour of the oil; (stainless steel)
4.Heat-conducting oil furnace: providing the vacuum required by declourizing and deodorizing;
5.Air compressor: for drying declourizing clay;
6.Filter press: for filtering clay7.;
Steam generator: for generating the required steam of deodorizing distillation.
The characteristics of our peanut oil refining technology are as following:
(1) Super-wet degumming;
(2) Carclazyte frequency dosing automatically;
(3) Negative bleaching total mixed;
(4) High-vacuum steam ejection deodorization;
(5) Fully auto-control system.

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