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Crop Stalks Pellet Machine of FTM China Machinery

Crop Stalks Pellet Machine of FTM China Machinery
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Los Angeles, Kansas, United States

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Straw pellet mill, also named as straw pellet making machine, is an amazing machine to recycle the agricultural and forestry wastes like corn stalk, branches, sawdust, grass and wood shavings, etc. The above materials are located in everywhere and will never disappear. To process them into biomass particles is quite kind to environment and good to economic development. It is easy to make biomass particles as long as using the straw pellet mill.

Biomass fuels are renewable, since the production of them is based on the rich and renewable raw materials like wood, grass, sawdust and straws. Biomass particles, produced by the straw pellet machine, can take the places of fossil fuels. Featured in the low cost, high thermal efficiency and easy transportation, the biomass particles can be used to supply heat and generate powers either for household lives or for industrial purposes.

If being directly burned out, the biomass particles can not produce poisonous gases like carbon dioxide. Therefore, the green-house effect can be effectively alleviated. Compared with other counterparts in China, FTM China Machinery has enough strong technological support. With three state-level machinery research institutions and more than 50 national patents, FTM has established favorable relationship with department of science and technology as well as key universities and colleges. By virtue of the above support, FTM can become the NO.1 brand of China mining machinery.

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