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L-Carnitine 50% Feed grade

L-Carnitine 50% Feed grade
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Seoul, Tianjin , North Korea

Product Description

Orison Chemicals Limited,export and distribute feed grade of L-Carnitine 50%,bulk wholesaler of L-Carnitine 50% feed grade,L-creatine 50% used as the poultry feed.

Product Overview
CAS#: 541-15-1

Type.:feed grade

Molecular Formula: C7H15NO3

Molecular Weight: 161.2

L-carnitine 50% feed grade
L-Carnitine is white crystal or crystalline powder,with slight special odor; high hygroscopicity.
Main content: L-carnitine 50% min
Carrier: SiO2 35%
Storage: Store in dry and cool place in the sealed original packages.
Shelf life: 1 year

L-Carnitine 50% feed grade also named as "Vitamin BT", it is mainly used in animal feeds and animal nutrition.Dietary supplements of L-carnitine at dose rates of 20 to 500 mg/kg feed.

Improve reproductive performance of animals ( increasing baby birth weights and size)
Increases the concentration of carnitine in animal blood and milk, thereby increasing animal bone and muscle density.
Promote animals growth.
Increase feed efficiency and decrease total cost of breeding.
Note: feeding adult ruminants possible losses of carnitine in the rumen due to microbial degradation.
Dosages of L-carnitine (mg/kg feed)
+ Pig diets: 100-250 (mg/kg feed)
+ Cows and cattle diets: 100-330 (mg/kg feed)
+ Poultry: 20-100 (mg/kg feed)
+ Laying hens and broiler chicken: 50-100 (mg/kg feed)
+ Fish: 100-200 (mg/kg feed)
+ Grower and finisher pigs: 200-300 (mg/kg feed)
+ Shrim: 200-300 (mg/kg feed)
Packing: in 25KG net weight fiber drums lined with PP bags.

Each packing unit carry a label indicating the name of the product, the net weight, the name of the manufacture, the date of production, the batch code, expiry date or shelf life and storage condition.

Storage Conditions:
Keep in a cool, well-ventilated place, stored away from extreme heat and away from strong oxidizing agents.

Samples Policy:
Due to the rising cost for international delivery, no free samples, for quality check, the buyer party bear the delivery charges firstly, all the samples charges will refund when the order is secured.For R&D and small trials, we will charge the minimum cost.

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