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Article published the December 2, 2020:

Fermented wheat in liquid diets: effects on gastrointestinal characteristics in weanling piglets

Author/s :
Leo den HartogRonald Scholten
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Article published the November 24, 2020:

Plasma enhances health status in all phases of production

  Plasma is comprised of a complex mixture of functional proteins that have a profound, positive impact on animals. Consumed orally, functional proteins help the immune system to respond more quick...
Author/s :
Joe CrenshawLuis F. S. RangelYanbin Shen PhD.
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Article published the September 11, 2020:

Fermented feed stuff increased orexin level associated with increased food intake and weight gain in weaning pigs

Author/s :
Y. Lu
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Article published the September 9, 2020:

Swine-derived probiotic L. Plantarum modulates porcine intestinal endogenous HDP synthesis

Author/s :
H.F. Ji
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Article published the August 11, 2020:

Effect of Phytase Derived from the E. coli AppA Gene on Weaned Piglet Performance, Apparent Total Tract Digestibility and Bone Mineralization

1. Introduction Phosphorus (P) is an irreplaceable macroelement that regulates the metabolic and physiological functions of a living organism. It is known to take part in skeletal mineralization, as well as th...
Author/s :
Lode NolletSebastian Kaczmarek
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Article published the July 29, 2020:

The Effect of Dietary Quercetin on the Glutathione Redox System and Small Intestinal Functionality of Weaned Piglets

1. Introduction Quercetin, as the foremost representative of flavonols, has been extensively investigated for its beneficial effects on health [1]. With regard to the gastrointestinal tract, quercetin received...
Author/s :
Chris Van GinnekenHans VergauwenJeroen DegrooteJoris MichielsNoémie Van NotenStefaan De Smet
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Article published the July 23, 2020:

Responses of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940 supplementation in weaned pig diets

At weaning, piglets suffer from immunological, environmental, nutritional and social stress, consequently affecting the gut health and growth performance. Supplementation of probiotics is considered as one of t...
Author/s :
Balachandar JayaramanKiran DoranalliLa Van Kinh
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Article published the July 14, 2020:

Effects of Increasing Doses of Lactobacillus Pre-Fermented Rapeseed Product with or without Inclusion of Macroalgae Product on Weaner Piglet Performance and Intestinal Development

1. Introduction Weaning is the most challenging event in modern pig production, which often results in reduced feed intake, decreased growth, increased risks of post-weaning diarrhea (PWD) and mortality in new...
Author/s :
Gizaw Dabessa Satessa
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Article published the June 24, 2020:

Enterococcus Faecium CECT 4515 (Fecinor®) as an alternative to medicated feed on nursery pig diets

Post-weaning is a critical period for piglets. The immature digestive tract faces radical changes in the diet resulting in imbalances in the microbiota populations, and loss of the passive antibody protection p...
Author/s :
Álvaro OrtizCarlos Dapoza
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Article published the June 2, 2020:

Development of the piglet fecal bacteriome and mycobiome from birth through weaning

Author/s :
Ann ArfkenJuli Foster FreyKatie Lynn Summers
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