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Luc Goethals,we had similar experience, in experimental farms it is quite common that negative control group doesn´t show a significant difference to trial and positive control, however it doesn´t mean that the choline (doesn´t matter if synthetic or vegetal source) is not needed in farm animal diets. This is the reason why we always perform trials under different conditions and ...
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It's experimentally not easy to determine which share of the added chemical choline you can replace by natural sources. We have ran several experiments at European Universities and Research Institutes and the outcome was very inconsistent. The problem is that one has to work with choline deficient control diets, if not, few will be seen. In our trials with a normal control group (no added chemic ...
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This award recognizes the achievements of PSA members in the early stages of their career in poultry research. It is given every other year. Elizabeth Bobeck Iowa State University Dr. Elizabeth Bobeck completed her PhD at UW-Madison under the supervision of Dr. Mark Cook in 2012, followed by two post-doctoral positions in nutrition and immunology. Dr. Bobeck joined the Iowa State University A ...
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It looks indeed like inconsistency is the critical concern with probiotic type additives proposed as AGP alternatives, since many producers of Bacterial type products do communicate intensively on that issue. Related to the field experiments at the French poultry producer organization, we wonder if presenting the individual results at the three farms and the four individual cycles would not have ...
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I guess there is a mistake in calculation on the broiler efficiency index.441.2 - 406.9 = 34.3 pts instead of 61.5 ? Could your share the detailed trial protocol and the way this efficiency index was calculated
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Congratulations !
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Dear Mrs. Wong, Thanks for the clarification, but in such scenario it's difficult or even impossible to draw conclusion about the differences in survival rate with or less than 1%. Since probably the exact initial number of chick per house were unknown. Anyway there was not really a difference.
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Could you please document how the survival rate has been calculated or drawn down from the observations and basic dataset ? Since it's over 100%. Thanks.
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Luc Goethals Many thanks and yes it is good for the people and perfect opportunity to capitalise on more than 20 years of extraction technologies and process engineering . more to come soon as will be the biggest EU Based essential oils extraction facility and bioactive ECO sustainable processor .
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Congratulations ! Will be good for the people at Eco Treasures, since the company went recently bankrupt.
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