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Participation in Forum on October 26, 2023
Indeed, a new and quite particular approach. I would also be interested to receive the full study or publication ( The main question will raise how appropriate such IN VITRO data are for the field and in VIVO. Since it's extensively described that especially for Clostridium perfringens, data from in vitro studies have poor or no value for in VIVO, because Clostridium perfringens is ...
Participation in Forum on October 16, 2023
Honestly, I also doubt if 0.4 log units really make a difference. On top this number is an average of 5 studies, which means that some study results might have been even lower or negative. From various scientific publications a drop of minimal 2-3 logs in the cecum are required in order to see really reduction in practise. Also, the "infection level" is too low to obtain representative results. Si ...
Luc Goethals likes the comment:
Luc Goethals Thank you for your pushback against overly optimistic marketing language. Synergy is a word often used, but an effect rarely demonstrated in organic acid trials. Additivity is far more common. This is becuase for most organic acids, the mode of action is the same, and the pH of the environment in which the acids are expected to operate are either too high or too low to allow for the ...
Participation in Forum on July 25, 2023
Thanks for the valid and professional input. I do fully agree.
Participation in Forum on July 21, 2023
Dear Dr. Rajendra,Thanks for your adequate feedback and clarifications.I can't more than agree with some of your statements such as the feed preservation efficacy of propionic and formic acid: in fact "decontaminants" rather than "organic acids". And for sure, since decennia most industrial preservatives have been based on propionic and formic acid and their salts and are abundantly used. But thes ...
Participation in Forum on July 16, 2023
Thanks for this information, interesting, but revealing a lot of questions or request for more detailed information.1) Could you document the synergism between the organic acids and salts you are using in your product? Meaning each time the individual effect at the used level and then the various combinations?2) What is the dosage you recommend and what is the level and concentration you are reach ...
Participation in Forum on June 24, 2023
I wonder if the trial protocol and set up is adequate for such studies and making reliable conclusioins possible. With only +3 replicates of 15 birds per pen, means that 1 single bird has a 2,2% impact on whatever result. Mortality documents this very well. In the T1 no single bird died, in T2 and T3 one bird died, in T0 two birds died. From what we learned at higher school, is that one should ...
Participation in Forum on June 17, 2023
I wonder if I am reading the data from the experiment correctly. ? For the JEJUNUM, I see the VH/CD ratio of the DON+treatment is worse than the DON alone group and the negative impract (7,8 -> 7,4) is much larger than from DON alone (7,9 -> 7,8); If my interpretation would be correct, than this is very bad, since it looks that the product is aggravating the situation. Also in the DUODENUM ...
Participation in Forum on May 28, 2023
Dear.. Thanks for the interesting topic and information. It's not always easy to manage the drinking water quality parameters. Could you explain how you are able to reduce the pH of the drinking water, while using BUFFERED organic acids ? And furthermore how do you avoid (negative) interactions between the three groups of ingredients : buffered organic acids, monoesters of MCFA's and Essential ...
Participation in Forum on May 8, 2023
Thanks, could you send a COA with the specific composition and standardized analytical numbers, especially then the polysaccharides and the respective analytical method. Since you mentioned presence of amino acids, also the profile is welcome to enter into the feed formulation (based on digestible amino acids).
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