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Dear Mrs. Wong, Thanks for the clarification, but in such scenario it's difficult or even impossible to draw conclusion about the differences in survival rate with or less than 1%. Since probably the exact initial number of chick per house were unknown. Anyway there was not really a difference.
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Could you please document how the survival rate has been calculated or drawn down from the observations and basic dataset ? Since it's over 100%. Thanks.
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Luc Goethals Many thanks and yes it is good for the people and perfect opportunity to capitalise on more than 20 years of extraction technologies and process engineering . more to come soon as will be the biggest EU Based essential oils extraction facility and bioactive ECO sustainable processor .
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Congratulations ! Will be good for the people at Eco Treasures, since the company went recently bankrupt.
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Very nice commercial story. May we conclude from the talk that the major effect comes from the unique and complex technology and not that much from the ingredients, which are present at rather low and some at cosmetic levels? On top incorporation of antimold substances, an anticaking agent (>20%) and other carriers at higher levels (>40%) might suggest a rather unstable final blend? Unless t ...
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I agree with Joshua Jendza as far as the questions of @Haroon are concerned, I would suggest you to look at diformate molecule and lot of fog will be cleared. Also, the other organic acids do have bacteriocidal and basteriostatic properties but one has to see the MIC especially when choosing a product that contain a mix of different organic acids. From that angle, in those products, none of the or ...
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Thanks for the article which at least activate the possible interest and problems related with that group of products. It's a pity that the number of animals and replicates is so low and the design doesn't look very strong, otherwise there would have been more significant differences. For example liverweight differences of 3.7%, 7% and 11% should normally be significant.Also a bodyweight of only 1 ...
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Any explanation why the difference between a diet with and without added Choline is so huge : 427.9 grams or almost 30%. Maybe the control diet was pure synthetic and very deficient. We have seen published trials where in balanced diets the effect of added Choline sometimes is neglectable. A Weight Gain of 1861.7 or 1901.3 grams at 42 days is also very poor under modern intensive production (s ...
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I would agree with the comment of Dr. Zahid Nasir that there must have been something wrong with the control group, as the Daily Weight Gain is only about 36.01 grams per day and the FCR is at the level for growing pigs. Even the performance by the treatment groups (about 46 grams) is far below the Cobb 400 Standard. Its also strange that there is a 10 points and significant difference in FCR bet ...
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Congratulations with the simple but comprehensive and clear overview on egg shell quality. From the nutrition side, somebody mentioned already the importance of adequate supply of some minerals (Ca, P, Trace minerals) and vitamins (D3). More recent research and development work has documented the benificial effects of a special complex of encapsulated calciumbutyrate, on several Egg Shell Paramete ...
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