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Comparative efficacy of synthetic and herbal emulsifiers in broiler chicken fed energy-restricted diet

Published: June 22, 2023
Poultry diets are usually required to supply high nutrient and energy concentrations in order to meet the nutrient requirements of modern intensively reared birds. Commercial poultry feeds are frequently added with fats and oils to fulfill the energy requirements of poultry and to give high energy to support the growth performance (Blanch et al. 1996). Dietary fats and oils offer 2.25 times more ...
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Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh
Bhaskar Ganguly
Ayurvet Ltd.
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Luc Goethals
Sanluc International nv
24 de junio de 2023
I wonder if the trial protocol and set up is adequate for such studies and making reliable conclusioins possible. With only +3 replicates of 15 birds per pen, means that 1 single bird has a 2,2% impact on whatever result. Mortality documents this very well. In the T1 no single bird died, in T2 and T3 one bird died, in T0 two birds died. From what we learned at higher school, is that one should have at least 6 replicates, but preferably !-15 with at least 25-30 birds per pen. General growth performance level is very low : 1925 grams should be the weight after the grower and not the finisher. Meaning the birds were probably "under-fed", what confirms the huge drop in performance in T1 compared to T0 (-12,7%) and the feed intake compensation by the T1 (+5,02%). Strange that both emulsifiers decrease feed intake and that should be further investigated (-2,8! % and -1,53%). There must be a (yping ? error where it's mentioned that FCR was significantly increased in T2 and T3 compared with T1 : I see a decrease. Maybe the right conclusion of this study a broiler diet with optimal energy levels (ME)
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