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Feeding a Synergistic Blend of Organic Acids and ß-1,4 Mannobiose Reduces Caecal Salmonella in Broiler Chickens

Published: September 11, 2023
I. Introduction Salmonella spp. in poultry pose a serious risk for food safety. The complex nature of Salmonella infections in poultry requires a multifactorial solution. It is key to preventing Salmonella colonization throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Short chain fatty acids (SCFA) have been described as having beneficial effects in the upper part of the gut, whereas medium ch...
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Anna Catharina Berge
Berge Veterinary Consulting
13 de octubre de 2023
Is a 0.4 log reduction clinically relevant in the first 14 days, when there was no difference in the following up to 34 days? With 3 Kg/ton, this seems like a pretty expensive supplement that results in no reduction of Salmonella at the time close to slaughter.
Luc Goethals
Sanluc International nv
16 de octubre de 2023
Honestly, I also doubt if 0.4 log units really make a difference. On top this number is an average of 5 studies, which means that some study results might have been even lower or negative. From various scientific publications a drop of minimal 2-3 logs in the cecum are required in order to see really reduction in practise. Also, the "infection level" is too low to obtain representative results. Since the coated butyrate ingredient most probably is the only one reaching the cecum and potentially active there, one can question if it would not be more efficient and more economic to use that component solely at the correct dosage. The low or no effect (second phase) of the product surely does not reflect much synergism.
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