Article published the October 26, 2022
Nutrient-specific appetite has been defined as a dietary selection developed as a response to a specific nutritional requirement (Niknafs and Roura 2018). In chickens, specific appetites offer the opportunity to determine individual differences in nutrient requirements (Roura and Navarro 2018). In a double-choice feed model, slow compared to fast-growing chicks showed a high preference for feed su ...
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Article published the July 6, 2021
1. IntroductionTaste perception influences feed intake guiding nutrient choices [1,2]. It has been widely assumed that the sense of taste in avian species is not as accurate as in mammals, as they have fewer taste buds [3]. However, the ratio of taste buds to oral cavity volume in birds appears to be higher than in most mammals [4]. Recent behavioural and genomic studies have found that birds have ...
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Article published the May 18, 2021
A balanced broiler chicken diet requires essential (EAA) and non-essential (NEAA) amino acids to attain maximum growth. However, the optimal ratio of these two dietary AA groups may change with different growth rates but this is not fully understood (Heger, 2003). In addition, commercial broiler feeds are formulated based on average flock requirements of EAA, hence neglecting NEAA ratios and poten ...
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Article published the August 25, 2020
1. IntroductionIn the wild, weaning in pigs is a long and progressive process that occurs between the 9th and 22nd week of age, allowing piglets a gradual transition from milk to solid foods [1]. In addition, social interactions with the mother and experienced conspecifics may allow for a smooth transition to adapt to post-weaning feeding patterns [2]. In contrast, early weaning practices common i ...
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Article published the February 8, 2018
BackgroundThe pig, Sus scrofa, appeared in South East Asia ~4.2 million years ago (M) [1], colonizing a wide range of habitats thereafter including Europe and North Africa. European and Asian wild boars are estimated to have diverged ~1.2 M [2]. The wild boar is among the first of the domesticated livestock species, an event that occurred approximately 8,000-10,000 BC both in Europe and in Asia in ...
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