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HY-BIND series toxin binder

HY-BIND series toxin binder
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Hangzhou, Zhejiang [Chekiang] , China

Product Description

1) HY-BIND Eco - Normal Pure form Hydrated Aluminosilicate is very popular in feed industry which is less expensive and good performance.

2) HY-BIND Adv - Intercalated&Surface Modificated Hydrated Aluminosilicate(ISMHA) which has improved absorptive ability and enlarged absorptive range of toxins by intercalation and surface modification of the hydrated silicon aluminate, at the same time, can avoid nutrients loss, ensures animal’s diet with adequate nutrition supply.

3) HY-BIND Max - Based on the advantage of ISMHA, formulated with selected yeast cell wall content, it can further enhance the absorptive ability of aflatoxin, zearalenone, fusariogenin and vomitoxin, at the same time, no impact on vitamins and amino acids.

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