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Trusorp liquid

Trusorp liquid
Trusorp liquid
Trusorp liquid
Trusorp liquid
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Alexandria, Al Iskandariyah, Egypt

Product Description

Trusorp liquid
Biological solution for prevention and treatment of mycotoxins in poultry and animals
Compositions: the product include 4 main categories:
? Prebiotic and probiotics: Cell wall components of yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) and fermentation extract of L form Bacillus subtilis.
? Cocktail of organic and inorganic acids: Lactic, Citric, acetic, malic, aspartic and phosphoric acids.
? Vitamins: Vit. B2, B6, Vit.12, Nicotinamide, and Biotin
? Minerals: Copper, selenium, Calcium, Zinc, iron, Magnesium, Manganese and Cobalt
? Electrolytes: sodium and potassium citrates
Mode of action:
Prebiotic: "mannan and beta glucan"
1. Bio- agglutination of toxin particles regardless their polarity: MOS provides large areas of selective adsorption with different pore sizes, which can selectively adsorb different types of mycotoxins.
2. Act as Dummy Sites for Gram negative Pathogenic Bacteria: The bacteria bind to these MOS particles (with their mannose-specific type-1 fimbriae), and pass through the gut, "Preventing bacterial Lectins from binding to cell surface carbohydrates"
3. Enhances both of cellular and humeral immune responses
Probiotic: The L-form biotechnology extract offers the following advantages:
? A high concentration of enzymes and biological components (mainly simple proteins) which specifically deal with mycotoxins, chemical, physical and biological approaches to Control Mycotoxins.
? Cell debris (cell wall fragments and cell membranes and organells) which play two major roles
a. Strongly bind mycotoxin molecules.
b. Flush them out through the feces.
? Act as a strong stimulant for the host’s immune system, especially in case of immune suppressive toxins such as aflatoxins

Biotransformation of Toxins (less polar toxins)
It is a change in the nature or iso-transformation of a certain substance (Toxin particle) either changes into a less toxic or nontoxic substance (detoxified). Biotransformation neutralizes the toxic effect of mycotoxins
a) T2 toxins: through reduction of the 12, 13 epoxide group by de-epoxidases enzymes activity to yield a carbon – carbon double bond that lead to less toxic molecule.
b) Zearalenone detoxification :
Transformation of the chemical structure of the toxin molecules by the yeast strains (ester hydrolysis) into a similar molecule but nontoxic.

Cocktail of organic and inorganic acids:
1. Controls Molds in the stored feed, lead to decrease the mycotoxins load.
2. Prevents colonization of harmful bacteria (acid sensitive bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli )
3. Provide a large number of negatively charged sites capable of binding higher levels of mycotoxins especially for aflatoxins, DON and fumonisin.
4. Lactic and aspartic acids are required for the growth and multiplication of the lactic acid-producing gram - positive bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract.
5. Citric acid and its salts are commonly used to dissolve renal calculi, alkalinizing the urine. Helping in flushing the mycotoxin-stressed kidney, Citric acid also improves the effectiveness of anti-oxidants.

Cocktail of micro-Nutrients: "Vitamins, minerals and Electrolytes"
• Selected B-complex vitamins and minerals. Incorporates key nutrients.
• Compensation of the destroyed vitamins and other essential nutrients that had been exhausted by mold growth on the feed ingredients and/or the finished feed. Also absorption in the bird is limited, these are secured through the added B-complex vitamins, minerals and Electrolytes.
• Repair Damaged Villi Quickly
• Enhanced Absorption of Nutrients
• Lowered bleeding due to pathogenic causes
• Keep Healthy Villi Intact
• Enhance Mucosal Immunity
• Prevent Micro- nutrient Deficiency
• Anti- stress Agent; Particularly Against Heat and Post- vaccination
• Improve Liver Performance- Lowered FCR
• Prevention and treatment of a wide range of mycotoxins (polar and less polar toxins)
• The lactic acid content along with the acidifiers enhance nutrients absorbability.
• Improves feed utilization efficiency.
• Growth uniformity.
• Lowered morbidity and mortality rates. Feeding beneficial bacteria: A natural solution for increasing efficiency and decreasing pathogens in animal agriculture.
• Provides an energy supplying components such as “lactic acid” and “Propylene Glycol”.
• Improves the general health status of the Mycotoxin-challenged birds.
• Compatible with coccidio-stats, antibiotics and other feed additives.
? Prevention and treatment of different types of mycotoxins in animals.
? Cures oral lesions in poultry which particularly result from T-2 toxin, commonly found in the feed for broiler breeders and layers.
? Improves liver and kindney functions
? Enhances elimination of toxins via kidneys
? Improves feed utiliization
? Improves general health status and performance of animals
? Improves immune response and general resisitanece to diseases.

Trusorp liquid ...... Unique product
• Gut Acidifier (Salmonella Killer)
• CEM Agent
• Gut Flora and Tissue Conditioner
• Growth Promoter
• Toxin Binder
• General Nutritional Supplement
• Anti- Stress Agent

Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacturing
Doses and application:
Poultry: 0.5 ml/ 1 Liter of drinking water for 3-5 consecutive days
Adult Cattle: 30 ml / animal daily
Calves, sheep and goat: 10 ml / animal daily
Storage: keep in a dry, cool play away from direct sun light
Origin: Italy

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