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AGRANA at a glance As  a  leading  food  and  industrial  goods  group,  AGRANA  is   successfully   active   around   the   world   in   the   three   segments&...
Article published the April 6, 2021
Considering the livestock production, natural betaine plays a key role in the metabolism of monogastric animals. However, the role of betaine in ruminants and the rumen activity is underexplored until now. Therefore, AGRANA invested in a research project to study the effect of natural betaine on the rumen activity. In collaboration with the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna a recent stud ...
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The global overuse of antibiotics in animal production contributes to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Hankkija Finnish Feed Innovation has been focusing on alternative means to ensure performance in food-producing animals. Progres® is our latest innovation: the only natural product for animal feeding with scientifically proven anti-inflammatory effects in the gut. World Health Org ...
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INTRODUCTION For many years, broiler intestinal health was supported by the widespread use of antimicrobial growth promoters (AGPs). These AGPs are antibiotic substances that were added to the feed at subtherapeutic levels, leading to improved animal performance. In the European Union, the use of AGPs was banned in 2006 while the Center for Veterinary Medicine of the US Food and Drug. Administr ...
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Betaine is a multi-functional nutrient that exerts a number of important physiological functions at the gastrointestinal and metabolic level. ActiBeet®- is a nutritional aid supporting a better nutrient utilization, higher performance and carcass quality, increasing the production efficiency.
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Robert Swick Although their considerations are consistent, it must be considered, that in addition to our previous considerations, that the health challenge, mentioned above, constitutes one of the factors, which can compromise the performance of the birds, when the crude protein is reduced. This is due to the fact that the health challenge increases the demand for amino acids considered as non-es ...
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Good day, 100% correct. We have tried lower protein diets in Canada as well, but almost always, higher protein diets are more economical and the performance is better as well. And I've tried supplementing with synthetic VAI as well. What wasn't mention in the article was the protein level in the wheat used, as that makes a huge difference in the ability to lower protein levels and/or performa ...
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Dear George Entz, Thank you for your message!I suppose that you mean as absolut %. First I want to highlight that it is possible to lower the crude protein only when we are adding the building blocks of the crude proteins, meaning the amino acids; the synthetic amino acids need to be supplied and the dM+C level and d.M+C/ d.Lysin ratio need to be kept at the same level. In our trial, we lowered th ...
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Ph.D. José Rivera Ulloa, Technical Sales Manager – LATAM at Alzchem, points out the role of Creatine and its role in animal Nutrition, some benefits of Creamino® in poultry nutrition and more...
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