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AGRANA at a glance As  a  leading  food  and  industrial  goods  group,  AGRANA  is   successfully   active   around   the   world   in   the   three   segments&...
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Exactly true and we should design more trials in farm condition to evaluate our farmers profit.
Article published the July 21, 2020
The growing global livestock production is moving away from antibiotic growth promoters and coccidiostats, means that the industry will therefore face new challenges impacting gut health. As a consequence, gut health management has become a key focus in the livestock production. The role of betaine and its physiological functions Over the last years, the use of betaine in animal feed diets has m ...
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Dear All,formulating in Bestmix, I also considered the total Ca and dig./av. P for the added phytase; and energy (ME) and AA for the NSP enzymes only. On this way I estimated to be on the safe side, because the nutrient matrix values indicate the amount of nutrient that could be released when the enzyme is added.In the past 10 years it became a trend to request and offer “matrix values&rdquo ...
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Hello from Colmenar Viejo, Spain. Enzymes need a certain level of substrate in the feed so that they work like a key-lock complex. If we take look to ruminants, these poligastric animals can digest plenty of various fibrous materials due to their capacity - due to the microflora in rumen- to produce fibrolytic enzymes. Monogastrics, on the other hand, don´t show this capacity - some fermenta ...
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In its monthly report from May, Google Analytics reported that Engormix’s audience has grown 50% during the last quarter, measured in the number of visits to our social network.   Google is the global benchmark in terms of digital marketing and the most popular tool for communication planning among companies in any industry, including the agribusiness sector. The aforementioned report ...
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Dear Professor Juarez Donzele,thank you for your message. As I mentioned, in the European Union is glycine for the feed industry not authorized and, in the practice when CP is lowered, are only the EAA supplemented. Therefore, we designed our trial without a glycine group. But it is correct, in a future trial, having a glycine group, we would be able to underline our results.Thank you and kind reg ...
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Guillermo Tellez (University of Arkansas) discussed his research on the correlation between adipose tissue and woody breast, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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Dear Mr. Dubois, thank you for your comment! Please be informed that the lowered CP treatments (starter and grower) were not deficient on methyl groups, comparing to the normal CP groups (starter and grower). For example in the lowered CP group in the starter phase, methionine was supplemented in higher amount, having a higher level on dMet 5,57 g/ kg, comparing to normal CP treatment with dMet ...
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Choline- chemically known as 2-hydroxyethyl-trimethyl ammonium hydroxide and is referred as vitamin B4. It has recently been claimed as a rediscovered vitamin & performance promoter in poultry. The role of choline in the prevention of conditions such as perosis and liver enlargement in chicks is already well known. Choline was first isolated from ox bile ("chole" in Greek) in 1849. Its nutritio ...
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Betaine supplementation has numerous positive effects on animal performance. Recent studies with betaine from sugar beet molasses looked if this naturally derived betaine can substitute a certain amount of added methionine in broiler diets. Betaine (BET) or trimethylglycine is a zwitterionic (neutral molecule with bipolar structure) quaternary ammonium compound. It was first discovered in the jui ...
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