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Dr.athangudi s comments about disease diagnosis are not correct. we have excellent pathologists amon which we don't find Dr.athagudi any where. we have labs both in private and public sector who undertake Elisa pcr tools routinely Dr.athangadi should know that Indian industry is well protected with lasota and R2B. we are aware of their ICP values. we are importing many vaccines from out side but ...
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The sales man of Betain wants to replace Methionine, Choline, and now it stops heat stress also. Better if it can replace whole feed
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We use foggers air circulators wet the drip curtains on sided. Some operate evaporative cooling/ tunnel ventilation for two months. Good for dry weather areas.We used vitamin C antipyretics etc. just eyewash. Nondescript herbal concoctions earned a lot of money for the companies in the first usage. Nobody bought again but the earnings are enough for life.
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There are no medicines which will alleviate heat when temperature go up. The authors ate theoretically correct but not enough to produce results.Try and reduce the house temperature to below 30c. Don't waste money on concoctions.
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We have a mesogenic strain of Newcastle disease vaccine called mukteswar strain or R2B vaccine. It is live vaccine with ICP VALUE 1.30 (highly invasive), excellent for birds weighing above 500gms to be given intramuscular or subcutaneous. We inject our breeders and layer birds at 7/8 WEEKS and again just before lay. Excellent results. It works even on the face of outbreak. Orthodox, but it works. ...
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Salmanella is a serious infection of birds. pullorum and Gallinarum kills birds. They are vertically transmitted. Enteritidis and Typhimurium cause food poisoning in human beings. The strategy to deal with them has been to eliminate from the poultry flocks. All attempts should be made to prevention. yeast cultures, organic acids etc are not enough to deal with the above infections.
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Wijaya Saputra Lots of good numbers! Cocci is definitely cycling, but is it cycling even in the birds? I would check a few things along with identifying what species of Eimeria is causing you trouble at 35 days. They cycle differently. 1) is it being applied properly - check tongue staining at Hatchery2) first cycle in the house- are birds confined long enough to ingest all species of Eimeria?3) u ...
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You did all your vaccines correctly.But found a viral disease. There is no known medicament. Reason not known. maybe vaccine did not work. maybe the flock got it before the immunity is established?Any spray will further distress the respiratory system. Any attempt to inject will spread the problem through the needle. The spread is slow and worrying daily with deaths and drop in productio ...
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Wind row is drying manure in wind and sun. No machinery. Poultry manure has 60 to 70% moisture. Take it out into sun and keep turning till the manure looks powdery.Many people add other additives to balance nitrogen phosphorus and potash. Bag and sell as organic manure.
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IB qx killed vaccine is available. Better you vaccinate healthy houses also with this.IB qx damages oviduct not ovary. All birds look like layers. Eggs do not come out because of the oviduct damage. The damage can be irreversible.
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