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In India, we sell our broilers at 2kg weight and 35 to 36 days is correct. we also sell mostly live birds so the yield is not most of the countries the chicken is sold as cut up parts and portions like breast fetch double the price. dressing percentage and yield decide the extra profit. The birds are slaughtered at 3kg and above live weight for those markets any tips that increase the ...
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The dose is fixed by the manufacturer. no point in doubling it.Slips in vaccination is a problem associated with large flock size and hurrying man power. repeating the vaccination will be better.
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multi strain killed vaccines is the answer for prevention. We have coryza+ F.C, which is protecting well. The spread is slow in cages with nipple drinkers compared to water channels and open drinkers on deep litter.For treatment, injection of long acting tetracycline followed by ulphamethoxol+trimethoprim for week gave me good results.The article is total information on the disease. The posting is ...
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I came across a problem due to improper grinding of feed. The feed was balanced but consumption was irregular. The problem was resolved after changing the feed lot with same formula but ground uniformly.
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India has not gone to rispense yet. SB1+HVT is doing well. Proper handling of vaccine maintaining cold chain is very important. Marek's vaccine virus has to reach the cell receptors before the field virus reaches. If the brooder houses are contaminated, the field virus moves faster. If the brooder house had an earlier incidence of Marek's cases, better delay the placement of chicks by over night ...
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There are calculations in the literature to calculate the energy requirement per given weight. Brody formula is body weight raised to the power of 0.65. the feed for added growth is calculated at 1.5 FCR. an other way we tried is full feeding of broilers with pre starter and starter. the approximate feed consumption on 22nd day is around 80gms. we found that the daily feed on ad libitum feed at 40 ...
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I came across a serious problem of vent picking in a broiler flock. We found it to be due to improper grinding of feed. Oversized maize was left in the feeders. Feed consumed got imbalanced. Replacing the feed with properly ground feed solved the problem.
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If the flock is maturing earlier with high body weight, going up fast with daily jumps above 3% better we hold the light till the flock stops going up. check the problem is true prolapse or vent picking. Adding salt to water 0.5gm pet liter or up to 4kg per ton (total not additional) will help reduce picking. Debeaking at this stage will reduce production but picking will be controlled. The aggres ...
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what are the gut health solutions offered by evonic. may be mailed to Thank you
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Lighting program followed by Sushi Chandra not understood.Restricted for 10 days?Full lighting program may be given. Mohammed farooq got 1.5kg weight with 2.5kg feed, I guess?
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