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Participation in Forum on March 26, 2022
Excellent article. I need to add the use of caustic soda 4% in the clear the building before received the chicken in New groups broilets
Participation in Forum on October 1, 2021
In Israel we use Methionine 300 gs in 1 cube water 7 days, is help to problems but not solve.
Participation in Forum on July 5, 2018
Before treat antibiotics is prefer vaccination against IB specific virus, important management correct, weather and food corrects.
Participation in Forum on December 27, 2017
In Israel, broiler chickens not vaccinated against Marek Disease the disease isn't diagnostics in criation or slaugthers.
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Maintaining good level of antibody against infectious bursal disease virus in parent stock breeder flock is very important in controlling IBD. Without knowing MDA titre of chicks, sometimes cause early outbreak of disease in chicks. I have god IBD in 14 days old chicks while it was vaccinated at day 8.
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The IBD-Gumboro disease is a very important disease in the life span of poultry and is an economically important disease. The morbidity and mortality are very high. Along with a good and judicious poultry management and biosecurity, vaccination of the bird and selection of proper vaccine strain is very important in control of the disease. The use of advanced technology is very helpful in determini ...
Participation in Forum on July 24, 2017
Very important a quantity of the food eat a day. If not eat don't receive a quantity of calcium and phosphate and vitamin d.
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Very informative, brief presentation for poultry farmers to evaluate the feed & other factors for the birds.
Participation in Forum on August 27, 2015
I use BTMBa whith orgnic ac. it is good to broyler.
Participation in Forum on May 3, 2015
These signs remind me of  2 diseases: Clostrydium and coccidiosis (maxima, necatryx- only in breeding and pullets)
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