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Hankkija Finnish Feed Innovations have their roots in the long tradition of developing novel solutions in Finnish bioscience industry. Our highly innovative natural feed supplements promote better animal performance and gut health. NATURE CREATES – WE REFINE A successor of Suomen Rehu O...
News published on October 26, 2021
Several peer-reviewed publications have demonstrated the positive performance effects of Progres® Liquid, Hankkija’s unique tall oil fatty acid (TOFA)-based feed ingredient for broiler chickens. The product contains 9% of natural coniferous resin acids dissolved into linoleic acid, oleic acid and other free fatty acids of pine and spruce trees. The fatty acids of Progres® are valu ...
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Article published the September 23, 2021
In the recent years, Hankkija, together with professor Filip van Immerseel’s research group at the University of Ghent in Belgium, have studied the mechanism-of-action of dietary resin acids in broiler chicken. In a published study by Aguirre et al. (2019), resin acids were added to broiler chicken diets, which resulted in a significant reduction of inflammation-associated collagen ...
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Progres® is a new and highly innovative product, developed by Hankkija FFI (former Suomen Rehu), for use in animal feeding. It has its roots in the Finnish forests. It is a naturally active force.
Article published the May 4, 2021
Modern animal feeding includes prophylactic approaches for supporting intestinal homeostasis and immunity, in order to avoid dysbiosis, diseases, and need for antimicrobial medication. According to the principles of the One Health concept, the well-being of humans, animals and the environment are all connected, and at these times of a pandemic, avoiding the excess usage of antibiotics in animal fa ...
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Let's Squawk About It is a monthly interview segment by the Poultry Science Association. The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed many aspects of life, but how about for a chicken? Roy Brister, of Tyson Foods, shares some insight on how feed formulation had to change due to a domino effect brought on by the pandemic.
Video published on April 1, 2021
Biological interplay between microbes and animals is based on molecular interactions. So, we know that pathogens attach to specific carbohydrate structures. What if we knew more about those target structures? This would bring development of pathogen binding supplements to the next level. Dr. H. tells about recent research presented at the EAAP’s 71st annual meeting. The poster entitled “N-glycan p ...
Article published the March 30, 2021
For the poultry industry, the old saying of horsemen, ”no foot, no horse”, could be re-phrased into “no foot, no bird”. The rapid growth rate and large size of meat poultry poses a challenge on their foot health. Add to that a humid weather, and the likelihood of foot pad dermatitis (FPD) increases significantly.Bird welfare and economical issueOccurring in the plantar surf ...
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Yes please let's talk about it, free antibiotics from animal thx
Video published on February 19, 2021
The global overuse of antibiotics in animal production contributes to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Hankkija Finnish Feed Innovation has been focusing on alternative means to ensure performance in food-producing animals. Progres® is our latest innovation: the only natural product for animal feeding with scientifically proven anti-inflammatory effects in the gut. World Health Org ...
News published on February 19, 2021
EuroTier 2021 was our first full scale experience with a digital trade show. The follow up will bring more, now – some fresh impressions from the show. Jyrki Heinimo, Export Director We live challenging times. As travel and F2F meetings are not possible, we wanted to take this opportunity to present our unique products and meet people even virtually. As this kind of event format is new, ...
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