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Article published the August 27, 2019:

How Microencapsulation Improves Rumen Stability of Vitamin C

In the most simplistic terms, the body (humans and animals) could be compared to a medium in which millions of chemical reactions take place with the support of food energy. These reactions are the basis of lif...
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Ph.D Hassan B. SalataWinston Samuels
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Article published the April 16, 2019:

What makes Silvafeed® ByPro an animal welfare and performance booster

Key mechanisms of action of a blend of plant extracts within the ruminants microbial systems. The results of several trials and published researches coming from every part of the world have recently brought to...
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Claudio Cabral
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Article published the April 8, 2019:

Phytogenic Solution to improve fiber digestion and modulation of rumen microflora

“Digestive disorders in cattle directly affect the economics of dairy farm” Ruminants occupy an important niche in modern agriculture because of their unique ability to digest fibres or roughage ef...
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Dr. Amit Kumar PandeyPraful Kumar
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Article published the October 12, 2018:

Innate immune responses to metabolic stress can be detected in rumen fluids

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Erminio TrevisiMassimo AmadoriPaolo Bani
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Article published the April 6, 2018:

Boosting milk components and synthesized fatty acids in lactating dairy cows

In the current context of the international dairy market, increasing milk production regarding quantity is no longer relevant due to low prices. Now more than ever, producing more milk fat and protein is a prov...
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Melina Aparecida Bonato
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Article published the February 15, 2018:

Reactions in the rumen – limits and potential for improved animal production efficiency

INTRODUCTION Rumen microbes ferment dietary carbohydrates and protein to obtain ATP, which in turn is the major source of energy required for microbial growth. The two major reactions of rumen fermentation are...
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Dr. Vivek Fellner
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Article published the October 6, 2017:

Modeling the effects of liquid intake and weaning on digestibility of nutrients in pre- and post-weaned dairy calves

Introduction Accurate predictions of nutrient supply and nutrient requirements are essential to modern ration formulations and animal production. Accurate and precise models allow provision of nutrients to me...
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Jim Quigley
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Article published the August 4, 2017:

Effect of NDF digestibility on Diet Formulation and Animal Performance

Introduction The work of Dr. Mike Allen, Michigan State in the late 80’s, measuring NDF digestibility of different corn silage hybrids, initially resulted in much controversy. There was much resistance t...
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Charles Sniffen
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Article published the February 6, 2017:

Positioning Commodity Feeds in Dairy Rations

Take Home Messages   By-product feeds can provide nutritional and economic benefits for dairy managers. Pricing and positioning are key focus areas to consider. Several questions must be managed for ...
Author/s :
Michael Hutjens
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Article published the November 18, 2016:

Water Quality Affects Drinking Preferences of Dairy Heifers

Background A recent study by the SDSU Dairy and Food Science Department investigated the effects of water quality on heifer preference and drinking behavior. Providing good quality water to livestock is a majo...
Author/s :
Jill AndersonMaristela Rovainirosh senevirathne
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