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Powerful Chelated Minerals Mixture for Cattle

Powerful Chelated Minerals Mixture for Cattle
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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Product Description

Chelated Growmin Forte

Powerful Chelated Minerals Mixture for Cattle & Aqua

Composition : Each 1 Kg. Contains:

Vitamin A : 8,00,000 IU

Vitamin D : 80,000 IU 3

Vitamin E : 600 mg

Nicotinamide : 1200 mg

Cobalt : 2200 mg

Copper : 4700 mg

Iodine : 600 mg

Iron : 2200 mg

Magnesium : 6500 mg

Manganese : 3300 mg

Potassium : 200 mg

Sodium : 40 mg

Sulphur : 0.95%

Zinc : 10000 mg

Calcium : 30%

Phosphorus : 15%

Indications & Benefits :


To overcome vitamins and minerals deficiency.

Keeps cattle healthy & improve carcass quality.

Improves fertility in male & female breeders

Overcome nutritional deficiencies.

Improves fat percentage in milk.

Improves growth rate.


Helps to develop immune response and defence mechanism.

Enriches pond water by developing plankton.

Optimizes FCR and maximises productivity.

Provides quality brood stock development.

Better digestibility and disease resistance.

Maintains pH of pond water.

Regulates osmoregulation.


For Cattle:

Mix 1 kg in 100 kg of feed

Large Animals : 50 gm daily
Small Animals : 5-10 gm daily

For Aqua:

Mix 10 kg in One Ton of feed

Should be given daily or as recommended by veterinarian.

Packaging : 1 Kg. & 5 Kg.

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