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Jamunapari Goats For Sale

Jamunapari Goats For Sale
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Vermont, United States

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Jamunapari Goats For Sale

Jamunapari BreedIts from the areas of Jamuna, Ganges and Chambal Rivers of U.P.The ears are very long, flat and drooping. Usually doe kids once a year, giving birth to single in 57% while twins in 43% cases, They kid once a year.

The typical character of the breed is a highly convex nose line with a tuft of hair known as ‘Roman nose’ or parrot mouth appearance. Mature Boer bucks weigh between 50-60 kg, and mature does between 40-50 kg.

Age : 14 Months

Available:1000 Heads

Weight: 50-60 kg

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My father has been raising goats as long as I can remember, I'm interested in getting him a jumanapari male.
Hello. I’m inquiring about available jamunapari available for sale?
Hi Ashley! My husband and I just got a farm in upstate NY. We are looking for a few goats, in my research, I came across jamunapari goats and was really taken by their beauty. Do you have any available for sale?
Thank you!
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