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Fish meal

Fish meal
Fish meal
Fish meal
Fish meal
Fish meal
Fish meal
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Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Product Description

Fish meal is made from processed fish. It’s normally a brown powder obtained by either cooking, pressing, drying and grinding of fish or fish waste to which no other matter has been added. It is a solid product from which most of the water is removed and some or all of the oil is removed. Fishmeal is a nutrient-rich and high protein supplement feed ingredient that stores well, and is used primarily in animal husbandry. Our Fish meal normally contains between 60% and 70% protein with good effect to poultry and livestocks.

Original: Vietnam
Use: Cattle,Horse,Pig,Camel, Sheep, Goat etc
Protein: 60%-65%
Moisture:10% max
Ash :15% max
Fat: 10%
Sand and silica: 2% max
Salt: 3% max
Color : from brown, dark brown to dark ( depend on kind of fish)
Package: 50kg/bag. PE in PP out
Supply capability: 300 tons/month

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