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I heard on TV that pigs could be exposed to this desease. How comes? What is the infection via from poultry to swine? Could it be possible from feeding raw infected chicken to pigs? If anyone out ther...
Last comment: March 11, 2004
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Last comment: February 16, 2004
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A need to know about what I can to do with my pigs, because, the lab diagnosis find brucellosis in 5 of my females, so, pigs are vaccinated against brucellosis 8 months ago. Can I find an residual va...
Last comment: January 10, 2004
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Anyone knows what are the most common causes for mastitis? What treatment should I start on affected sows? Is it a bad milk for the piglets? Thanks for helping. Roberta...
Last comment: January 9, 2004
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After a long time breeding sheeps, I include a near-parturition guilt to my farm. As a beginner I want to know what are the most common diseases on new-born piglets. I appreciate any answer....
Last comment: January 9, 2004
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