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United States
Jon Bergstrom
Research Assistant - Swine Nutrition & Production (Ph.D. will be completed August 2011)
Glendale Heights, Illinois, United States
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Scott Webster
Pork Industry Expert Advisor
Cottage Grove, Minnesota, United States
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Brantford, Ontario, Canadá
Telma Tucci
Veterinary Medicine
Treviglio, Lombardia, Italy
Ram Prasad Poudyal
Veterinary Doctor
Rampur , Narayani, Nepal
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Agro Engineer Zootechnist
Bucharest, Bucuresti, Rumania
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Belgrade, Serbia
Dr. Médicina Veterinaria
Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela
Master of Science
Thái Nguyên, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam
Trevor T Tekedza
MSc in Animal Science
Arcturus, Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe
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