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A constructive and fruitful insight on feed formulation and management aspects. Thank you for sharing the great article! Regarding the use of non-linear models in maximum-profit feed formulation and also stochastic feed formulation I would suggest checking the following links. 1. Maximum Profit Feed Formulation: 2. Stochastic Feed Formulation: ...
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One of the challenges in this regard is that the current breeder-recommended target BW is low for optimal reproductive performance. We need to relax the current feed restriction and concomitant growth restriction during the rearing phase to achieve an optimum body composition to support a long-time production period. In addition, modern broiler breeders are leaner and have less fat pad which needs ...
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Dr. Prakash Adhikari Thanks for your comment. The link for my YouTube videos on similar topics is
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Based on the results of your study I would interpret the "benefits" in the title as improving the sustainable production. In addition to economical benefits, reduction in the excretion of nitrogen etc. would be considered as environmental benefits (reduction in environmental footprint of production). Furthermore, reducing the dietary protein would alleviate metabolic pressure on animal as can be c ...
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David Nelson Thank you so much for your comment. That's where yield prediction models (breast, leg, wing) come to play in evaluating sample partial budget for either whole or cut-up chicken. These models can be also used to evaluate feed additives from an economical standpoint as you mentioned.
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Great topic! In addition to what people have talked about the possible strategies, I would like to add using appropriate feed formulation models to offset the effect of ingredients cost on profitability. It means that in addition to ingredients cost (mainly energy and protein cost), product price (income) should be allowed to play a role in the feed formula. This can happen by using non-linear pro ...
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Mike Stahl It's my pleasure. For sure, we will implement a successful feeding system at your farm. Looking forward to that! Take care!
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Awesome! The 2020 PSA virtual meeting went well too! Special thanks to organizers. Looking forward to it!
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Great ideas! The margin of safety and stochastic programming is a way to account for nutrient variability in ingredients when you are formulating a diet. I have explained this fully in a video which is available through the following link.
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