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Adisseo Group has completed the acquisition of global feed additives producer Nutriad. This transaction is part of Adisseo’s strategy to become one of the worldwide leaders of specialty additives in animal nutrition. A WORLDWIDE LEADER IN ANIMAL NUTRITION Adisseo is one of  the ...
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This grant will offer €1 M for the next three years to fund research projects tackling some of the main feed industry challenges and encouraging international labs to collaborate. Adisseo is pursuing a policy of continuous research and innovation in its expertise fields to meet feed industry needs. For a decade, the Rhodimet® Research Grant from Adisseo focused on “Sulphur amino ...
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Hear what Damien Prévéraud -Global Scientific Manager, Health by Nutrition and Mycotoxin Management at Adisseo- has to say about how Bacillus subtilis DSM 29784 germination offers a greater appreciation of the role of the microbial ecology of the GIT supporting animal resilience and productivity.
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On July 29th, 2020, Novus International filed an antidumping petition against imports of methionine from France, Japan and Spain into the United States. Adisseo believes that these claims were unfounded, and has been working diligently to present its case to the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), which investigates injury to a U.S. industry, and the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC), which ...
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The objectives of the trial described in the article were (i) to compare the effects of OH-Methionine compared to DL-Methionine on growth performance and feather growth of Cherry Valley ducks fed from 0 to 42 days and (ii) to determine the bio-efficacy of OH-Methionine (OH-Met) relative to DL-Methionine (DL-Met).The trial was published by Zhao et al.2018 in Poultry Science: Efficacy of 2-hydroxy-4 ...
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