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Participation in Forum on April 4, 2024
Very good points were raised in this discussion and we see that different approaches are possible. Congrats to all of you. I also would like to add some points that I think we need to take into consideration to better use enzymes: 1-we need to know the amount of antinutritional factors and how they affect each specific feed, for example, soluble Arabinoxylans from one raw material can affect the d ...
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Hi Everyone. Thanks for addressing the good and the bad about formulating multiple enzymes in the same diet. As a result of the great improvements in Enzymes and other Additives, people like Dr. Frank Ivey with his Broiler Opt, and others who know how to model animals have in effect taken the problem out of the structured Linear Programs that i and others have developed over the last 40 years. And ...
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Dear @Alvaro Dubois, after a good calibration the growth prediction is one of the main features from growth models. Prediction makes possible set growth considering nutrients increase or decrease. When we added a group of enzymes and the performance is lower or high, this can be used to adjust the proper matrix for the group of enzymes together.Please send me an email, an ...
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Dear prof. Mentem. Thank you for sharing the experimental data your group has generated. It's very useful for these discussions. On internal trials in our company, (broilers between 1-21 d of age) with a similar set of diets and total calculated choline levels between 400 and 500 ppm, responses to added choline were quite similar and birds on the most deficient levels also developed perosis. This ...
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Regarding the need for choline in feeds, some points must be considered: 1. The content of choline in the base feed is not known exactly. It depends on its content in each feed ingredient. 2. Also, the availability of choline in the feed ingredients is mostly unknown (although supposedly high). In soybean meal we published a study demonstrating that the availability for broilers is 100%: MENTEN ...
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Well, interesting, but I am not so optimistic: as I am from the country of limestone - Italy - I well know how large the variation in Ca digestibility can be among various geological origins of limestone, even without mentioning the particle size issue...The other question of giving Phytase a Ca value or not, in my experience when many years ago in Europe we started to give a Ca value to Natuphos ...
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A variety of oxidative reactions occur continuously within our cells in a dynamic environment. One common type of reaction – reduction-oxidation or redox reaction – plays a vital role in maintaining cellular functions. During these reactions, one couple loses electrons (becomes oxidised) and another gains the same electrons (becomes reduced). As a result, our cells have to maintain a d ...
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Importance of MethionineNutritionists agree that livestock diets require supplementation with some essential amino acids to increase the efficiency of protein utilization and to reduce nitrogen excretion. Methionine is an essential amino acid and is necessary for growth. Numerous trials have shown that providing adequate levels of methionine are required to maximize performance of poultry and pigs ...
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Proteases have the ability not only to improve undigested protein but also mitigate the adverse effects of trypsin inhibitors, for example seen in underprocessed soybean meal, which can cause impaired growth and feed efficiency in broilers.
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