Article published the November 6, 2018
Introduction The projected doubling of the human population by 2060 will require a 100% increase in food production coming from plants and animals with most of this increase coming from new technology and greater efficiency [1]. In animal production agriculture, feed is the highest input cost (50 to 70% of total) in raising an animal to market weight and feed costs can spike as observed during th ...
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The gastrointestinal tract is confronted with a cornucopia of diverse chemicals, pathogens and physicochemical states that it must analyze and react to appropriately to optimize nutrition and to defend against harm. It presents the largest and most vulnerable surface to the outside world. Integrated responses to these challenges require the gut to sense its environment. This it ...
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1. Introduction Breeding programmes are designed to produce a broiler with high potential for growth, yield, and feed efficiency. These traits may compromise health status under husbandry designed to maximise this genetic potential, since there is a trade-off between growth- and health-related traits with responses to husbandry programmes, age, sex, and genetic line (Siegel et al., 2001). In thi ...
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