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Participation in Forum on May 8, 2020
LOVE the thumbs up Paolo..! Alterion is a great product, thank you!!
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That's very true but I must add that even if you use the best grain, the problem starts when the feed is produced, taken to farms and kept in bad storage conditions where the conditions are very conducive to form molds and gradually gets severe. So in my humble opinion, prevention is better than cure and toxin binder must be used if not to eradicate completely but at least to prevent it to a grea ...
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Guilherme Bromfman, NCA Mycotoxin Management Category Manager at Adisseo, underscores the effects of some mycotoxins in the poultry and pig industry and explains how Adisseo can help customers to face mycotoxins challenges, during IPPE 2019
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Thanks all for your comments. In these data presented in St Louis, we clearly demonstrated that bacillus Subtilis 29784 improved performance (standard and challenged conditions) thanks to their metabolites able to control overall inflammation (activation of NfkB pathway) and to improve gut integrity (expression of tight junction). This could also occur indirectly through the shift of microbiota of ...
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Adisseo NCA has selected Ohio State University as a partner for the fifth Poultry Leaders of Tomorrow seminar, an invitation-only educational event for poultry science and veterinary students, which brings together leaders in poultry academia and industry from around the region to discuss prominent industry issues and enable the development of collaborative solutions. The three-day event, to be ...
Participation in Forum on July 11, 2019
Guilherme looking as only he can look.! Dapper.!!!
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Past March, The Food and Drug Administration has approved the distribution of Selisseo®, the first pure source of organic selenium in the US market that provides selenium in the form of Hydroxy-selenomethionine. The product is approved for use in chickens, turkeys, & swine. The purity of the organoselenium-based product, which has been tested in numerous trials, has been shown to consiste ...
Participation in Forum on June 17, 2019
Excellent presentation from real world experience.! Looks like a young Bas Rutten..! Just as tough!!
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Anthony Quant (Kalmbach Feeds) talked about grinding, batching, pelleting and mixing, among other aspects of feed control, during the Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference in Indianapolis, USA.
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