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Adisseo Group has completed the acquisition of global feed additives producer Nutriad. This transaction is part of Adisseo’s strategy to become one of the worldwide leaders of specialty additives in animal nutrition. A WORLDWIDE LEADER IN ANIMAL NUTRITION Adisseo is one of  the ...
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LOVE the thumbs up Paolo..! Alterion is a great product, thank you!!
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The recent data package on germination has reinforced the partnership’s dedication to understanding the mode of action of Alterion® in order to scientifically explain its benefits on gut health and animal performance. Camilla Marie Bünner Kruse, Global Marketing and Partnership Manager at Novozymes, and Paolo Doncecchi, Global Category Director Health by Nutrition at Adisseo tell us more about the ...
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Under certain conditions, elevated butyrate concentrations in the fore- and midgut may induce negative effects on microbiota diversity and/or inflammation. Hear what Dr. Tim Goosens -Global Scientific & Technical Manager - Health by Nutrition, ADISSEO- said about his presentation at the IPSF 2020 during IPPE in Atlanta, USA
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That's very true but I must add that even if you use the best grain, the problem starts when the feed is produced, taken to farms and kept in bad storage conditions where the conditions are very conducive to form molds and gradually gets severe. So in my humble opinion, prevention is better than cure and toxin binder must be used if not to eradicate completely but at least to prevent it to a grea ...
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Guilherme Bromfman, NCA Mycotoxin Management Category Manager at Adisseo, underscores the effects of some mycotoxins in the poultry and pig industry and explains how Adisseo can help customers to face mycotoxins challenges, during IPPE 2019
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Thanks all for your comments. In these data presented in St Louis, we clearly demonstrated that bacillus Subtilis 29784 improved performance (standard and challenged conditions) thanks to their metabolites able to control overall inflammation (activation of NfkB pathway) and to improve gut integrity (expression of tight junction). This could also occur indirectly through the shift of microbiota of ...
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“The Indian subcontinent for Adisseo is a very important strategic region where we can offer a full array of our product portfolio. This allows us to answer the needs of our fast growing customers even better”, said Frank CHMITELIN - Executive Vice President Global Sales and Customer Success - Adisseo, at Poultry India 2019
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What are the main benefits of Selisseo®? Anne-Sophie Conjat, Global Business Manager of Selisseo®, speaks about Selisseo®, the only pure source of hydroxy-selenomethionine on the market that exists in both forms: powder and liquid, in the series Minute Selisseo®
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Garros Fontinhas, Regional Business Coordinator South America for Selisseo® at Adisseo, explains the mode of action of Selisseo®, organic selenium in feed, as part of the series Minute Selisseo®
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