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Amir Attar
Animal Nutritionist
Councelor of many feed mill companies & feed formulator for broiler farms.
Animal Nutritionist
Topics of interest
#Poultry gut health
This member gave a presentation on August 26, 2018
At the following event:
2nd Poultry Nutrition & Feed Technology Symposium
Participation in Forum on September 21, 2011
results of organic acids using depends on organic acids composition and percentage of acids in final product
Participation in Forum on April 25, 2011
that was a good paper. thats right chrome is really suitable specially in heat stress thanks to author
Participation in Forum on January 12, 2011
thanks to author because i think the gut is related to profitability in poultry farm and managing of it by nutrition is so important
Participation in Forum on November 7, 2010
there were some practical information for feed mills thanks to author
Participation in Forum on June 20, 2010
I studied this paper carefully. i have a good exprience a bout replacing AGPs with a kind of prebiotic. we using fermacto( a kind of prebiotic) in iran and we got really good result. thanks to author
Participation in Forum on April 19, 2010
in this paper was written pelleting doesnt effect on this product. but i think there is another problem because in conditioner moisture is increased due to steam. and maybe it has bad effect on this product.probably spores will be active.
Participation in Forum on March 11, 2010
thanks to author. it is a useful review . and i agree with the author. we should go toward the decreasing of mortality due the sudden death and specially ascites and also reducing output of trace minerals and phosphorus.
Participation in Forum on February 20, 2010
it might be a good idea to use vegtables and animals fat together. anyway in every poultry (broiler&layer) diet using oil about 1 persent of diet is very good and important.
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