Article published the August 23, 2021
INTRODUCTION Preservation of alfalfa as silage is becoming convenient due to the ease of mechanization and reduced susceptibility to weather damage (Khadem et al. 2009). Calberry et al. (2003); Bhandari et al. (2008) and Khadem et al. (2009) reported that cows fed on ration containing chopped alfalfa hay had lower intake than those fed on a diet containing chopped alfalfa silage. But similar milk ...
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Article published the June 25, 2021
Introduction A wide range of in vitro and in situ techniques are used as alternatives to in vivo measurement of ruminal fiber availability. Fiber digestibility and forage fragility are critical factors should to be considered in forage evaluation and diet formulation for ruminants. Digestive characters of dietary neutral detergent fibers (NDF) fraction have been reported to greatly affect feedi ...
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Thanks for your comments, Ignacio. You raise some important points. While there are several designs of preconditioners available, the predominant idea with those designs is to have maximum contact of the dry raw materials with that of water and steam to quickly create a precooked material.As far as wetting of the flour to the walls of preconditioner is concerned, it's probably due to the differenc ...
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Abdul Qader Samsor Yes, the genetic potential for milk yield and for components is different for the different breeds. Holsteins cows have lower milk fat and milk protein than Jersey cows for example. The requirement for nutrients depends on the breed (and within breed on milk yield, milk components, DIM and so on). Optimizing rations for nutrients means to optimize the nutrient supply from fee ...
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Dr. M.N.balakrishnan Nair Dear doctor, your work is a very happy place, but the result of your work should be seen on the farm, not in a published article
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In my opinion, the use of herbal formulations is useful for treatment, but it is not enough, although health comes first.
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In the farm, other factors, such as the animal itself and individual characteristics, are also impacted.
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